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09 outubro 2016

VA - Classic Rockabilly (2016) 4CDs

01. Johnny Carroll  Hot Rock
02. Elvis Presley  Good Rockin' Tonight
03. Werly Fairburn  Everybody's Rockin'
04. Bobby Lord  Everybody's Rockin' But Me
05. Warren Smith  Rock n Roll Ruby
06. Eddie Bond  Rockin' Daddy
07. Jeff Daniels  Daddy-O Rock
08. Mac Curtis  Grandaddy's Rockin'
09. Skeets McDonald  You Oughta See Grandma Rock
10. Glenn Reeves  Rockin' Country Style
11. Sid King  Good Rockin' Baby
12. Billy Lee Riley  Rock With Me Baby
13. Roy Orbison  Rockhouse
14. Janis Martin  Drugstore Rock n Roll
15. Andy Starr  Rockin' Rollin' Stone
16. Wayne McGinnis  Rock, Roll And Rhythm
17. Hodges Brothers  I'm Gonna Rock Some Too
18. Denver Duke And Jeffrey Null  Rock And Roll Blues
19. Jean Chapel  I Won't Be Rockin' Tonight
20. Sonee West  Rock-Ola Baby
21. Rhythm Jesters  Rock To The Music
22. Ruckus Tyler  Rollin' And A-Rockin'
23. Red Foley  Rockin' And Reelin'
24. Thumper Jones  Rock It
25. Sammy Masters  2 Rock-A-4
26. Hoyt Scoggins  Tennessee Rock
27. Eddie Jackson  Rock And Roll Baby
28. Joe Maphis  Guitar Rock n Roll
29. Sonee West  Sweet Rockin' Baby
30. Maddox Bros And Rose  The Death Of Rock n Roll

01. Joe Montgomery  Cool Cat
02. Lew Williams  Cat Talk
03. Tommy Scott  Cat Music
04. Sonny Burns  Real Cool Cat
05. Bill Mack  Cat Just Got Into Town
06. Jimmy Murphy  Granpaw's A Cat
07. Jimmy Johnson  Cat Daddy
08. Jimmy Swan  Country Cattin'
09. Jimmy Selph  Tom Catin' Around
10. Bill Flagg  Go Cat Go
11. Pee Wee King vocal Dick Lory  Catty Town
12. Lynn Pratt  Tom Cat Boogie
13. Joe Clay  Ducktail
14. Bill Beach  Peg Pants
15. Carl Perkins  Blue Suede Shoes
16. Lucky Wray  What'cha Say Honey
17. Tommy Spurlin  One Eyed Sam
18. Sonny Fisher  Pink And Black
19. Sammy Masters  Pink Cadillac
20. Hal Willis  My Pink Cadillac
21. Baker Knight  Bring My Cadillac Back
22. Hoyt Stevens  55 Chevy
23. Joe Clay  Sixteen Chicks
24. Tommy Spurlin  Hang Loose
25. Johnny Carroll  Wild Wild Women
26. James Gallagher  Crazy Chicken
27. Farmer Boys  Cool Down Mame
28. Jimmy Murphy  My Gal Dottie
29. Charlie Feathers  Tongue Tied Jill
30. Lonnie Barron  Teenage Queen
01. Gene Vincent  Be-Bop-A-Lula
02. Doug Amerson  Bop Man Bop
03. Hal Willis  Bop-A-Dee, Bop-A-Doo
04. Autry Inman  Be-Bop Baby
05. Vern Pullens  Bop Crazy Baby
06. Carl Perkins  Boppin' The Blues
07. Onie Wheeler  Onie's Bop
08. Eddie Bond  Boppin' Bonnie
09. Brad Suggs  Bop Baby Bop
10. Sparkle Moore  Rock-A-Bop
11. Mack Banks  Be-Boppin' Daddy
12. Lew Williams  Bop Bop Ba Doo Bop
13. Rhythm Rockers  Fiddle Bop
14. Collins Kids  Beetle-Bug-Bop
15. Truitt Forse  Chicken Bop
16. Simon Crum  Bop Cat Bop
17. Earl Epps  Be Bop Blues
18. Bill Woods  Bop
19. Alvis Wayne  Swing Bop Boogie
20. Sid King  Gonna Shake This Shack Tonight
21. Sammy Masters  Whop-T-Bop
22. Gene Vincent  Blue Jean Bop
23. Johnny Burnette Trio  Tear It Up
24. Freddie Hart  Dig Boy Dig
25. Arkie Bittl  Jitterbug Drag
26. Sonny Burgess  We Wanna Boogie
27. Webb Pierce  Teenage Boogie
28. Jaycee Hill  Romp Stompin' Boogie
29. Ray Smith  Singing Boogie
30. Tommy Blake  Koolit

01. Jimmy Johnson  How About Me Pretty Baby
02. Malcolm Yelvington  Rockin' With My Baby
03. Johnny Burnette Trio  Oh Baby Babe
04. Glenn Barber  Shadow My Baby
05. Janis Martin  Let's Elope Baby
06. Cal Veale  Don't Cry Baby
07. Elvis Presley  My Baby Left Me
08. Roy Moss  You're My Big Baby Now
09. Sanford Clark  Usta Be My Baby
10. Roy Orbison  You're My Baby
11. Janis Martin  Barefoot Baby
12. Al Coker  Don't Go Baby (Don't Go)
13. Dick Lory  Ballroom Baby
14. Al Ferrier  No No Baby
15. Junior Thompson  Mama's Little Baby
16. Pat Cupp  Baby Come Back
17. Ray Smith  Gone Baby Gone
18. Johnny Tyler  Lie To Me Baby
19. Bill Bowen  Don't Shoot Me Baby
20. Charlie Feathers  Everybody's Lovin' My Baby
21. Justin Tubb  I Gotta Go Get My Baby
22. Cleve Warnock  My Baby Is Gone
23. Al Ferrier  My Baby Done Gone Away
24. Farmer Boys  My Baby Done Left Me
25. Charlie Feather  Bottle To The Baby
26. Alvis Wayne  Sleep Rock-A-Roll Rock-A-Baby
27. Ben Hall  Moo Mana
28. Ray Harris  Come On Little Mama
29. Jackie Lee Cochran  Hip Shakin' Mama
30. Jimmy Stayton  Hot Hot Mama
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